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* San Gabriel Valley LDS Church *

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San Gabriel Valley Church
California Mormons -
California LDS Temples
LDS Special Interest - unique congregations and groups including Spanish, Chinese, Deaf, Tagalog and others.
LDS Festivals
LDS Institute
Mormon Battalion
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Provident Living
Mormon Times
Lighted Candle Society
Say No to Immorality
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Tour Park City
This mountain community is home to three world class ski resorts and hosted several alpine venues of the 2002 Winter Olympics. The historic district is a bustling year-round draw for vacationers.

Cultural Museums
Family History

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
    aka The Mormon Church [LDS]

    This church features uniform traditional family-centered religious worship at many locations in the area. The LDS Church is the second largest religious organization in America.

    Upcoming California LDS Events
    These popular events fill up fast - advance booking required:
    Mormon Battalion Days [Last Sat in Jan] - The Mormon Battalion Visitors Center in San Diego is the second most popular LDS historic site in America.
    Big Bear LDS Singles Mountain Retreat [Mar - 3rd Weekend] - Glendale 9th Branch Mid-Singles Conference at Big Bear Lake - conquer the mountains - skiing, sledding, or just playing games by the fire.
    LDS General Conference [1st Weekend in APR & OCT] - Temple Square Utah.
    Mormon Pageants [Summer] - The LDS Experience with Live Music and Drama.
    California Mormon Helping Hands [Spring] - LDS Day of Service in California.
    California Mormon Temple Christmas [DEC] - Live Christmas music programs and outdoor nativity exhibits.

    Special Programs
    Missionaries are available Sunday mornings to answer your questions about LDS programs and teachings.
    Young Single Adults - Groups and Activities -
    Family History Center - Research your family tree here with free access to many giant genalogical data bases.
    Provident Living - LDS Family financial and legal aid, eduction, employment, physical, social and emotional support.
    Boy Scouts - The LDS Church supports cub packs, scout troups and related scouting activities. Open to all young men ages 8-18.
    Youth Activities - Weekly activity night, scouts, campouts, weekend dances, seminary gospel study, summer camps and more for youths 8-18.
    Sports - Most LDS churchs have indoor basketball or volleyball recreation court that are used for informal and league games and practices on a weekly basis.
    Relief Society (LDS Women's Organization) - very active in local service projects and promoting healthy family life.

    Los Angeles Temple
    Located in West Los Angeles, it is the second largest temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and the last temple designed for live endowments. Originally announced in 1937, the depression and World War II delayed its completion until 1956.

    Redlands Temple
    116th Operating temple of the LDS church was dedicated in 2003. This classic single-spire design is located on 4.6 acres adjacent to the Redlands Stake Center and serves Latter-Day Saint congregations in the San Gabriel Valley, Palm Springs and Mojave Desert regions.

    Mormon Battalion Visitors Center -
    Old Town San Diego

    Church operated museum commerating the 1847 completion of the longest infantry march in US History, over 2000 miles from Council Bluffs, Iowa to San Diego. The Mormon Battalion consisted of five companies that totaled over 500 men. Multimedia presentations, historic artifacts including authentic muskets, cannon, and fine artwork.

    Southern California Mormon Choir
    Established in 1953, this 100-voice choral ensemble regularly does concerts featuring classical, sacred, folk, patriotic and popular choral music throughout Southern California.
    Choir Website - Concert News

    Orange County Mormon Choral Organization
    Volunteer LDS Choruses and Orchestra - Public Performances

    Choir Website;
    With performances at concerts and firesides - Repertoire includes sacred hymns and repertory choral literature, including major works with orchestra.

    More Resources
    Inland Empire LDS Church
    Los Angeles LDS Church
    San Fernando Valley LDS Church
    Orange LDS Church

    San Gabriel Valley Area LDS News Stories
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    California San Gabriel Valley LDS YSA Wards and Groups
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    California YSA Conference - August
    SoCal Mid Singles - Yahoo Group - Long Beach
    LDS Singles for Fun in SoCal - Yahoo Group
    LDS YSA - Los Angeles CA Region - YSA Groups, Activities and Related Resources
    San Gabriel Valley LDS Singles - Activities Calendar

    San Gabriel Valley Area LDS Institute of Religion
    Provides opportunity for ongoing daily religious studies.
    LDS Church Education System - Religious Study Resources.

    San Gabriel Valley Area LDS Deseret Industries
    Charitable goods exchange center.

    San Gabriel Valley Resort Life
  • Local attractions, museums, festivals and theater
  • Activities, sports, recreation, golf and parks
  • Many Special Interest groups and clubs
  • California Discount Travel Rates

Online Genealogy Everything Guide
Why I'm Mormon

2012 LDS Book of the Year

Mormon Tabernacle Choir
This Is The Christ

2011 Mormon Tabernacle Choir

California Saints
A 150 Year Legacy in the Golden State

From aiding in the early development of San Francisco, San Gabriel Valley and Sacramento to the ministry of Howard W Hunter as the first President of the LDS Church from California, Cowan and Homer share with us California's rich LDS history.

California Resort Vacation San Diego Valley Best Western Bayside Downtown
San Diego Valley Bayside Best Western
Stay at this Bayside Inn hotel situated in the heart of downtown San Diego Valley. The Best Western Bayside Inn is conveniently located in downtown San Diego Valley and three blocks from the San Diego Valley Bay. Guest rooms with private balconies overlooking beautiful San Diego Valley Bay or the San Diego Valley

* Family History Center *

California Family History Research Center

    Los Angeles Family History Library
    10741 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90025;
    310-474-9990; FHC Website;
    Open: Mon/Fri/Sat - 9AM-5PM / Tues/Wed/Thu 9AM-9PM; (Exc: Holidays);

    Founded in 1964, the LARFHC is the second largest branch in the Family History Library System of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Classes and volunteer researchers.

    This center holds regular classes and seminars to help you get started on your family history research. It is located adjacent to the Temple and Los Angeles Stake Center.

    The FHC needs volunteers to help create a digital index for the newly released 1940 US Census and other important historical records.

    Family Search Los Angeles County
    FHC Website;

    Big detailed directory to historical records of early residents of Los Angeles County California. Includes information about early Mexican Rancho land grants in the area.

    Los Angeles Genealogy Clubs

    Huntington Library Gallery Gardens California Huntington Library
    Early California Population Project [ECPP]

    A collections-based research and educational institution established in 1919 by Henry E. and Arabella Huntington. ECPP provides public access to all the information contained in California's historic mission registers. Records include baptism, marriage and burial records for each of the California missions. Records include information on Indians, soldiers, and settlers of Alta California from 1769-1850.

Online Genealogy Everything Guide 2011 Edition - Everything Guide to Online Genealogy
Use the Web to trace your roots, share your history, and create a family tree

Very good guide particularly for new genealogists but is also a great refresher for more experienced ones.

* Arcadia California Stake *
- - -

    Arcadia California LDS Stake
    LDS Church Wards that encompass Arcadia, Monrovia, Temple City and Duarte. Created
    Stake Website -
    Arcadia Ward - Foothill Bldg
    Duarte 2nd Ward - Duarte Bldg
    Monrovia Ward - Monrovia Bldg
    Mountain View Ward - Chinese - Arcadia Stake Center
    Temple City Ward - Arcadia Stake Center


  • Arcadia Stake Center - 150 West Duarte Road- Arcadia CA
  • Foothill Bldg - 614 W Foothill Blvd- Arcadia CA
  • Duarte Bldg - 1452 Royal Oaks - Duarte CA
  • Monrovia Bldg - 532 W Lemon Ave - Monrovia CA

    Arcadia - Guide to local attractions and entertainment
    Monrovia - Guide to local attractions and entertainment

Gold Rush Saints
California Mormons And the Great Rush for Riches

Owens & Bagley - University of Oklahoma Press;
From 1846 to 1857 Mormons played a crucial role in shaping events in California and the West. They were the first American settlers of San Francisco, and without them, John Sutter might not have built his sawmill and thus discovered gold in 1848.

* Covina California Stake *
- - -

    Covina California LDS Spanish Stake
    Spanish Speaking LDS Wards covering Azusa, Duarte, Covina, Hacienda Heights, Pomona and El Monte.
    Stake Website -
    Azusa 2nd Ward - Spanish -Azusa Bldg
    Chino Ward - Spanish -Philadelphia Bldg
    Covina Ward - Spanish -Grand Chapel
    El Monte Ward - Spanish - Utah Chapel
    Pomona Ward - Spanish -Willow Bldg
    Rimgrove Ward - Spanish -Rimgrove Bldg

    - - -
    Covina Stake Center - 656 S. Grand Ave., Covina, CA
    Azusa Bldg - 1645 No San Gabriel Canyon Rd - Azusa CA
    Philadelphia Bldg - 4321 Philadelphia - Chino CA
    Grand Chapel - 656 So Grand Ave- Covina CA
    Utah Chapel -3214 Utah Ave - El Monte CA
    Willow Bldg - 175 W Willow St - Pomona CA
    Rimgrove Bldg - 504 Rimgrove Dr - La Puente CA


    • Covina Resort Life - local attractions, museums, restaurants, entertainment and recreation.

Check out this Months Concert Schedule

* Glendora California Stake *
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* Hacienda Heights California Stake *
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* La Verne California Stake *
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* Pasadena California Stake *

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    Pasadena California LDS Stake
    LDS Church wards covering Alhambra, Pasadena and South Pasadena. The Pasadena Stake was created in 01 Oct 1939 as the 128th stake of the LDS Church by a division of the Hollywood Stake.
    Stake Website -
    Alhambra Ward - Alhambra Bldg
    East Pasadena Ward - Stake Center
    Eastmont Ward - Rosemead Bldg
    Huntington Ward - Huntington Bldg
    Pasadena Ward - Stake Center
    South Pasadena Ward - South Pasadena Bldg

    Pasadena Stake Center - 770 N Sierra Madre Villa, Pasadena, CA
    Alhambra Bldg - 1212 So 8th St - Alhambra CA
    Rosemead Bldg - 7505 E Garvalia Ave - Rosemead CA
    Huntington Bldg - 6249 No Kauffman Ave - Temple City CA
    South Pasadena Bldg - 1919 Huntington Dr - South Pasadena CA

    Former Stake Presidents:
    Bertram Jones (1939-?) - first stake president
    Howard W Hunter (1950-1959) - later 14th President of the LDS Church
    Richard S. Summerhays (195963);
    James C. Ellsworth (196371);
    Elder Cree-L Kofford (197177) - later served in the Seventy;
    Orlin C. Munns (197786), later served as Oakland Temple president.
    Bruce G. McGregor (1995?)


USS Midway CV-41 -
San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum

The USS Midway was the longest-serving carrier in the history of the U.S. Navy. Today she has embarked as a museum, tribute and education center. This museum features over 28 exhibits and excess to many important areas of this great warship.

* Walnut California Stake *
- - -

    Walnut California LDS Stake
    The Walnut California Stake, also formerly known as both the La Puente Stake and West Covina Stake, was discontinued in 2008.

* Whittier California Stake *
- - -

San Gabriel Valley LDS Church California Hotel Resort Vacation Travel

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